A nomadic moment in Tokyo

An old friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, sent me this poem. It’s an idyll catalyzed by his wanderings around Tokyo. It’s a bit of everything picturesque. The smell of rosemary in a very urban setting provokes a whole scenario in a flash.

Wake up and smell the rosemary
Japanese cinema 1960s
Gins bergs howl
San Francisco 1967
So it’s a beat girl
And a flower child
Who meet and fall in love with Japanese movies
They scheme to get out of san fran
And take a boat to japan
And arrive
And end up working in a rice shop
They work
Gi to the movies
They fall in love with 2 Japanese poets
They open up a restyarant
And serve fondue in an old shogun shack
It’s called Rosemarys.
The O collection this season is what we found in
Elizabeth and Rosemarys closet.
A rosemary laden time capsule.
All of the things that they wore discovered made and cherished.
Even down to Tokishiros flower strewn beret worn in an
Anti war protest in Tokyo .
A collection of love and happiness.
And poetry